"The courage beyond compare, the bravery beyond description, I praise this great villain, the superior fiend... me."
"I'm lightning in a bottle!
I'm an earthquake in a can!
I'm King Bowser Koopa, Evil King Extraordinaire. Watch and weep, Losers!"

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Cackletta grins as she's walking up to Bowser. She leaned over to him, still having that sinister grin on her face. "I heard you liked food?? Eeyeheheh.." she then took out a plate of cake. "I'll force it right into ya mouth! Like I did with Queen Bean! Eeyeheheheh!"

A beast becomes most dangerous when forced into the corner.

This food bit had been allowed to get out of hand. Every person to pass him by seemed to want to advantage of his weakened organ. Bowser threw an arm across his chest, biting down, grimacing at that horrible looking cake. It was one tick too many on his temper, and the flames buried within his eyes ignited as the treat was brought to his front. 


"ENOUGH!" Koopa vented, and then acted on his claim. The edges of his fingers dug under the plate, and in a single swooping motion, threw the treat up and back, splattering it all over the Bean Witch. “I’m not hungry means I’m not hungry! NOW GET OUTTA MY CASTLE BEFORE I FRY YOU!”

Posted on: April 2, 2013
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