"The courage beyond compare, the bravery beyond description, I praise this great villain, the superior fiend... me."
"I'm lightning in a bottle!
I'm an earthquake in a can!
I'm King Bowser Koopa, Evil King Extraordinaire. Watch and weep, Losers!"

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"HIC— Urghhh… You guys… know how to… Treat your King…"

On the day, Dark Land’s Castle had been flooded with an assortment of sweets, goods, and sugary delights. However, two days later, naught remained but cleared plates, crumbs, and one corpulent Koopa…

There was no way Bowser would be electing to rise anytime soon. The pampered Birthday-Koopa caressed his bloated belly delicately, gifting himself with a nice massage to compliment his gifts. The world was bubbly, and the tang of sugar teased his tongue— he felt as if he were still eating, though he had finished long before. Oh, and how it showed! Laying as he was, the King was completely shadowed by a mountain of flab, and he was unable to even see his feet. Still, they swayed idly, and though he had collapsed on his concrete floor, he was happy, hearty… everything but hungry! The budge swayed at a pat, and gurgled as it bounced. 

The scales had damage to report, but as he lay, grinning big and dumb, he whimsically sang to the ceiling. 

"Here’s to another year… Of meeeee… No more… chocolate sauce… HIC— Urghhh…"

Posted on: June 1, 2013
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